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  • General store​

  • Frozen goods

  • Locally-crafted souvenirs

  • Goat farm

  • Language & technology school

  • Mortgage lending

Accelerated in 2022, Paulos Group now holds 7 mortgage notes, with 2 repaid in full. Based on conversations with other lenders, Paulos Group may be the largest real estate lender in Haiti outside the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. Lending is subject to availability and limited to the Côte Brillante campus.

For lending questions, please contact Matt McCormick

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Mortgage lone note for a house in Cote Brillante, Fort-Liberte, Haiti
  • Christian media

Translated and released in 2012, The Jesus Storybook Bible Haitian Creole Edition has sold nearly 50,000 copies across ten printings and two companion books. Translators and editors were among the most brilliant people in northern Haiti. Apart from the Haitian Creole Bible, "Istwa Jezi nan Bib la pou timoun" may be the most widely circulated book in the Haitian Creole language.

Istwa Jesi nan Bib la pou timoun is under licence with

HarperCollins Christian Publishing Jesus Storybook Bible Haitian Creole edition

The Covid pandemic and political landscape slowed sales, but when available, books sold here:

Istwa Jesi nan Bib la pou timoun

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Jaden an, Rido a ak Kwa a

  • Amazon Garden Curtain Cross
  • Solar energy

Paulos Group began field-testing solar energy for off-grid applications in 2010. Since then, the entire Côte Brillante campus has been powered by solar energy with a failure rate of less than 1% (the public utility's failure rate is anywhere from 60-100%). By 2016, Mille Collines Depot became the leading solar supplier in the Nord-Est department, serving many institutional clients including schools, clinics, churches and small businesses throughout Haiti. 

For sales, installation and service, please contact Gerald Dorvil

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  • Climate-resilient affordable housing

Paulos Group began field-testing engineered building materials in 2010. Passive cooling along with insulated walls and roofs became essential to R&D and design. This alone keeps houses 40 degrees cooler inside. Other engineering and design considerations include: earthquakes, hurricanes, security, humidity, pests, efficiency and affordability. Paulos Group developed, tested and sold over $2M in green building materials and green energy.

Check out our work at Côte Brillante. For new construction, please contact Wiscaine Laine

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  • Crisis logistics

In the days after the January 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, we patched together a team that delivered 60,000 gallons of fuel and other supplies from the Dominican Republic to the epicenter, since the port was severely damaged and ships couldn't get in. In October 2016 after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti's southwestern peninsula with Category 5 strength, our grass roots network sourced over 10,000 tarps in the Dominican Republic, dispatched on 40 trucks along with metal roofing, purified water, generators and mattresses. We offered similar crisis logistics services during the 2020 Covid pandemic and after the 7.2 earthquake in 2021 that hit the same area as Hurricane Matthew.

For immediate help, please contact Renaud Cherenfant

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